Saturday, July 7, 2012

First day @Sourcebits

Friday, the 6th of July was my first day at my first job. I joined a firm known as Sourcebits which is an expert in design and development of mobile and web applications.

This blog post is about my experience on my First day @Sourcebits.

I was very excited about my First day at my First job due to which I could not sleep properly the previous night. Woke up early at 6:00 am and completed my daily morning chores. Got ready with all the documents required, left the RVCE hostel at around 7:00am to go to electronic city (where the company is located). Got a bus to Electronic city at 7:10am, I boarded the bus thinking it might take 2 hours to reach the company. I had to report at 10:00am. But I reached the electronic city at 8:30am( 1 and half hours earlier as I usually do). I had breakfast in front of the company and thought of moving into the company at around 9:00am. I saw another new recruit too moving into the company campus (Located at Salarpuria Infozone). We met each other and headed straight to the second floor where the company operates. We sat on the couch of the waiting room,then we saw new recruits coming in. We met each other and headed towards the conference room where the Induction program was to be conducted.

As we gathered inside the conference room, the HR's visited and provided some forms to fill. We filled the forms and submitted some of the documents to the company. The HR informed us to have lunch as the Induction program was about to start at 2:00pm. We had a nice glance of the company and the cafeteria ,the ambiance of the company was very good.

We waited and waited and waited for the Induction program to start which finally got started around 3:30pm. First we were greeted by the Financial team which explained the complete structure of our salary and income tax benefits etc. Then the Quality team visited us which did gave a very nice presentation of the "Importance of process inside a Company" and how process helps in increasing the quality of products by the company. Then we had a presentation on "How to protect the Confidential IP's of the company". We were then introduced to the ISMS system inside the company.  (which is a security management system) ,Then we were visited by the admin who introduced us to Transportation facilities, the access card stuff etc.

Finally at around 5:45pm we were greeted by two HR's of the company, who gave us a brief introduction about the company, the benefits etc. 

Office Timings : 10:00am - 6:00pm or 11:00am - 7:00pm

I got a bus to Kengeri at around 7:10pm. I reached hostel at 9:00pm.

Overall the day was awesome. Met some awesome new friends. Interacted with the staff at the company. Had a corporate feeling for the first time in life.
Our training will be for 5 weeks starting from Monday, the 9th of July :)

Looking forward for an awesome learning experience at Sourcebits.

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