Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pioneers in Algorithm Design and Analysis

Creator of Algorithms ( Father of Algebra )
( Abdullah Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi )

Alan Turing
(Halting Problem , Turing Machine , Cryptanalysis of Enigma )

Euclid (Euclidean Algorithm)

( Great Mathematician ) 

Eratosthenes ( Sieve of Erastothenes Algorithm )
Algorithm to retrieve Prime numbers

(Approximation of Pi )

Stephen C Kleene
(Church-Turing thesis )

John Von Neumann  
( Merge Sort , Game Theory , Middle Square Method )


James H Wilkinson
(Golub Wilkinson Algorithm and Floating point arithmetic)

Richard Karp

(Author of "Art of Computer Programming" Book Series) 

(Huffman Algorithm and Huffman Code )

Creator of Quick Sort 

Donald Shell ( Creator of Shell Sort )

Cooley and Tukey
(Cooley Tukey FFT Algorithm )

(Creators of RSA Algorithm )

(Creator of Dijkstra's Algorithm)

Petr Mitrichev 
( Great Algorithmist and Coder )

Suggestions are invited for addition of more algorithmic pioneers you know . Just leave a comment about the Algorithmic pioneer you want me to add in here.

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