Saturday, May 19, 2012

Idea : Video/Audio Compression on Fly for Streaming

Problems :
  •  Streaming videos/audios from the web is a problem in low bandwidth places.
  • Streaming is not smooth.
  • The Video is delivered in one standard resolution for streaming which is high to stream smoothly in Low bandwidth places.
  • Why serve users with High resolution videos when they can't stream it ?
  • Stream something of low resolution videos/audios which users can stream rather than nothing.
The Problems faced made me to come with an Idea, which can help solve this problem of streaming.

Idea :
  • Detect the bandwidth of the users streaming from your website on the fly.
  • Based on the bandwidth used by the user provide him with video/audio appropriately compressed for smoother streaming.
  • For Low bandwidth users, Compress the high resolution video/audio on fly and stream the data to them.
  • For High Bandwidth users provide them with Good resolution videos/audios.
  • An algorithm which compresses high resolution videos on fly and stream it to them can be implemented at server side.
You tube has implemented this Idea, wherein they detect the bandwidth of user and switch between 1080,720, 480,360 and 240px videos. But this Idea is not implemented by Video/audio streaming websites.

Readers do comment on the Idea and your views for the same.

If you could please take a minute to answer these questions :
  1. Is this Idea being implemented by any Streaming websites ? Name them ?
  2. Is there any specific algorithm which compresses videos/audios on fly?
  3. Can the Bandwidth detection of the users of the website be detected with accuracy?
 Thanks for taking time in reading this article and answering the questions.

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