Thursday, November 24, 2011

OSI 2011

I attended the Open Source India conference 2011 held here in Bangalore at Nimhans Convention centre from 20-22 Nov with Smit shah and Shiva Shankar

          Things I learnt at the conference are :

  1. Cross Browser Application Development by Microsoft : This talk was all about developing cross browser web applications. He introduced the concept of feature detection .He even walked us through an Open source Javascript Library Modernizr used to bring the HTML5 and CSS3 features to the older browsers. By incorporating the Modernizr libraries while designing web applications one can parse the HTML5 and CSS3 rich websites even in older browsers (IE6,7,8).He gave an introduction to Polyfills and shims. Polyfills and shims are basically used to introduce new standards in older browsers . For more info :
  2. Vmware Cloud Foundry by VMware : A new open source Platform as a service by VMware is Cloud Foundry. In this talk we were introduced with various aspects of Developing applications with various frameworks (Specially Spring) and deploying it on to the Cloud foundry. We were even introduced with the concept of Micro cloud ( cloud environment simulation in USB stick ).You can create instances and actually simulate the complete Cloud environment in your Local system before deploying your web applcation on to cloud foundry.
  3. Defending Front-end by Yahoo!: This talk was all about securing your web applications against various types of attacks on the web.He talked about various types of attacks such as SQL Injection , Cross Side Scripting Attacks, Session Hijacking and various ways to protect your web application against such attacks.He introduced us to the concept of Defensive coding and also Context Sensitive auto sanitization.
  4. Introduction to Programmable Infrastructure by Janakiramm from Amazon :This was the best technical talk ever. We were introduced to the Amazon EC2 service .He introduced to us some of the concepts such as Elastic Block storage and Elastic IP.He stressed on the power of programming integrated with Amazon web service. He programmed in PHP to configure EC2 service,creating instances , assigning a block storage and assigning elastic IP's .
  5. PHP Web applications on Windows Azure by Praveen Srivastava of MIcrosoft : In this talk he walked us through various methods of deploying your web applications on Windows Azure (Platform as a service by Microsoft).He also introduced App fabric , web and worker roles etc.
Overall it was a fun experience. :)

Pictures of the Conference :


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