Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long Time !!!

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post and this is mainly due to the Tests , Project reviews and assignments in the college. Finally , here I am , free for a week to finally do something I really like rather than doing the stuff which I really don't want to.

Here goes some of my notable activities : ( The Stuff I did )

  1. Submitted a Project review on "Questions n Answers Portal" website which is being built on LAMP stack.It is a joint venture college project with Tarun T Arya and LakshmiSagar H K.
  2. Presented a seminar on "The Applications of Prime Numbers in Computer Science" as a part of Advanced Algorithms class.
  3. Finally started going to Gym regularly . Thanks to Shashikiran P for the motivation and support.
  4.  Installed some cool applications on my New Samsung Galaxy Ace ( Android Powered mobile ). Some of those were : Haunted House 3D Live Wallpaper ( The Best Live Wallpaper for Halloween ) , Google+ 2.1 Update ( Awesome New Look and Features ), Posterous Spaces and Makeuseof By Sourcebits. It kind of feels good to use the products of the company you are about to be a part of.
  5. Is about to start contributing to the Firefox project. Downloaded the latest 10.01a ( Aurora ) build from the Mozilla aurora repository.Studied the Source code tree structure. Hanged out on Mozilla IRC's. Discussed some of the ways to fix bugs with some of the developers on #introduction at
  6.  Ate Pizza at Pizza Hut for the third time in my whole life. Thanks to Smit Shah for his keen interest.
  7. At Last, after a long time , fired up my Eclipse Indigo IDE.Installed Android SDK and Plugins for Eclipse to start on with Android developement with Android 2.2.
  8. Found my Blog posts listed on the first page of Google . Try the search with these keywords ( Android Installation in Linux ) and (Pioneers in programming languages) and ( Pioneers in algorithms ). Feels good to find the articles being noticed. Thank You Google!!!
  9. Some more Interesting stuff include : I started watching the 2nd season of Vampire diaries , Watched Forest Gump ( Hats of Tom Hanks ) , Completed the 1st season of Big Bang Theory    ( Sheldon lol, you are awesome ).
  10. The Last thing notable is that " I started Blogging again :)" as you can rightly see now.
That's all I remember for Now.
Hope to get you , some of the more interesting stuff on all the latest technologies in Computer Science.
Stay Tuned. 

One more Important thing, I am attending the Open Source India summit held in Bangalore from Nov 20-22. Register yourselves here  . Hope to you see you all there. 

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SHASHI said...

u sure did quite a lot of things , my friend :)