Saturday, April 23, 2011

Google's +1 Button

Google.Inc recently released the +1button ( still in it's experimental stage ) which is very similar to the Facebook's Like button which revolutionized the social networking domain on the internet .

The +1 button appears in your search results , and if you like a particular website and found some quality content on that website which you want to recommend your friends  , then just +1 the link in the search .
The next time any of your friends searches for the same query , the search results will display the link you +1 earlier as xxx +1 this .

This +1 button is in experimental stage , to join the experiment and test the +1 button do visit 

+1 Button helps you find the relevant websites quickly by reviewing the +1's by your near and dear ones. The +1 Button can be revolutionary which takes the search experiences to the very next level .
Your profile shows all the links you +1 .

It is like telling your friends , Hey , I have tried this one out and I found some quality stuff , So you may be interested in trying it out .This takes the social experience to a completely new level .

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