Friday, April 22, 2011

404 Error

404 Error is the most famous error known among the Web masters. This article is dedicated to my experience on Google search Engine during which I came across this error.

Today ,during my normal Google search activity , I happened to come across this dreaded 404 error . I keyed in the query "Compiler Optimization in gcc" and it returned this 404 error . I tried many times but Google search engine threw at me series of these 404 error messages . Finally, I thought of moving on to Bing and got searches on my search query .But, After about 10 minutes I was able to search the same query on Google search Engine too !!!.

So, the question is Why the heck Did I get the 404 error message ?

404 Error message is caused when the client establishes a connection to the server and requests for certain pages , but the server fails to process that request due to many reasons.

These 404 errors can even occur when you moved your website to a new location and there is a no proper redirection to the new website.

The same thing happened to me when I googled the query , the Google server was unable to process my request and returned this 404 error , which was soon corrected.
This 404 error might have occurred due to some hardware or software failures at the data-centers, or may be the inability of the server to resolve particular requests.

Disadvantages :

  • These 404 errors cause a great amount of hindrance to growth of the website . So, care should be taken to avoid such errors , because your customer certainly hates to see such errors in their busy schedule.
  • These can even decrease your page ranking in the search results .

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