Friday, March 4, 2011

Tour to IISC CSA Open Day 2011

Indian Institute of Science organised Open day for 2 days on 4th and 5th of March . I  got the opportunity to attend the activities being held there on 4th of March at Computer science and Automation department at IISC (Indian Institute of Science) . This article reflects my experience at IISc on 4th of March .

I reached IISc at around 12.00 am with my friend Smit who happened to be accompanying me . We got registered ourselves at the desk and moved on into the department . Participated in Programming contest ,which was pretty cool and interesting. Then after finishing the Programming Brain storming we immediately moved onto the Open source stall which happens to be our favorite , as both me and Smit are damn Open source fans and love its concept of freeness and openness. We halted for a while at the open source stall and found that a guy of IISc Electronics Department leaving the fest at his own department , was enthusiastically participating at Computer science department in open source stall and was promoting Open source tools . I got the opportunity to grab some of the Linux stickers . We came to know about Fedora Electronics which is used by Electronic students for simulation and various other Electronic activities which I don't have any idea about.  The Interest shown by ECE guy was simply amazing . 

After that we got hold of a white plastic sheet as shown in the picture where we should imprint our Ideas and feeling about open source softwares .
The question was like :
I like open source Tools and products because :
and here where our answers .

 You are the master of your system 
                                            - Smit Shah

 Freedom is Progress and development. It defines you .
                                                      -- Rajeev N B (me)

We then moved onto the counsellers where we had our doubts cleared about what is to be taken after our B.E ?  We discussed various aspects about the future after B.E and it was quite interesting too.

We then had the opportunity (Golden opportunity you can say) to listen to a technical talk about Research in Programming by Dr SriRam Rajamani an Assistant managing director of Microsoft research India. He talked about Research in Programming and the various problems being currently faced by the software industry .He did teach us many aspects about Parallel programming  and provided us various brainstorming problems for research . Overall this session was the best technical talk I ever listened and experienced.

Then we further moved on to visit one of the stochastic labs there which was just overwhelming . We did learn various aspects being conducted at stochastic lab . There they use Network simulators for designing various routing algorithms . We learnt about data mining tools being used there . It was a nice experience .

We then moved onto grab some snacks , grabbed a T-shirt of CSA and Hurray , finally we were on our way to home back.

Overall it was a overwhelming experience in my life which did teach me hell lot of stuff than my regular curriculum at the RV College Bangalore. The Bunking of classes on Friday, the 4th of March was worth a lot. This can be thought of as the most memorable day in my life. Thought of capturing it and presenting it to you. Thank you for bearing me the whole while.

For any Open source enthusiasts, there are 3 technical talks on Open source (5th of March) 2011 Saturday .
the topics being :
 1 ) Using GCC/GDB Based IDE .
 2 ) Application development for android.
 3 ) Spinning your own linux distro and much more.......

So don't miss the action , be there on 5th of march at IISc.

For more details ....

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