Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 10 Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one of the most robust, fast and secure browser of recent times. It was developed by Google through Chromium project. Chrome browser comes with a lot of  cool extensions . Chrome already has more than 1000 extensions just next to Mozilla Firefox leading at around 1300 extensions.
Extensions for Chrome browser can be found at https://chrome.google.com/extensions/

Some of my favorite extensions in Chrome being :

1 : Turn off the lights -
This is one of my favorite chrome browser extensions . It dims of the light in the page which helps to view videos more clearly . It kind of gives a theatrical effect while watching movies or videos.

2 : ESPN Cricinfo -
 If you are a damn passionate cricket fan ,then this extension is the perfect choice for you. With the World Cup fever rising you surely don't want to miss the action . This Extension provides live update scores for all the live matches . It also has updates of recent news from the world of cricket.

3 : Personal Blocklist -
 This is one of the coolest extensions ever developed by Google. This Extension was recently developed which is used to create a Blocklist of all the websites which you don't want to see in Google search results. This Blocklist is transmitted to Google to improve their search results . So, from now on block the websites which you feel are bogus or irrelevant.

4 : Facebook Photo Zoom https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/elioihkkcdgakfbahdoddophfngopipi
 If you are a Facebook addict just like me ,then this is the extension just for you guys. This Extension when installed is used to zoom the facebook images just by moving cursor over them . This extension does indeed make your facebook browsing experience a pleasureful one.

5 : Python Shell -
 If you are a python programmer ,then this extension provides  a Python console solely embedded into the browser which interprets all your python commands . Python 2.5 shell is used.

6 : Blog This -
If you are Blogger just as me then this extension provides you a embedded "Blog this" button which is used  to directly write and post articles into your blog .

7 : Screenshot -
This is used to take the screenshot of entire web page or part of it . It does support .png image format. The coolest thing about the extension is that the screenshot can be annotated as circles , squares or any other random pattern . This screenshot further can be saved on to the local disk.

8 : Fastest Chrome -
FasterFox , one of the most famous Firefox extensions is now available for chrome browser as Fastest Chrome . It helps to load the pages faster by optimizing the Javascript engine of the browser.

9 : Ad Blocker -
One of the most annoying thing while browsing is the popping up of ads which is really frustrating . This extension blocks the ads all over the web saving you from your frustration. It is the most popular extension with over 2 million users.

10 :  Web developer -
If you are a Web Developer or want to play with various web developer tools then this extension is the perfect choice . It provides you various Web Developer tools for Web development .

Chrome indeed has many more interesting extensions which are worth giving a try .

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