Friday, December 17, 2010

Linux Shell to the rescue.... My Experience

GNU/Linux provides a rich set of commands . The power of these commands is unmeasurable. This Flexibility of usage is what keeps me so closely connected with Linux systems. These commands along with the shell makes me feel as if "I am the king of the world" because it is like driving an entire operating system as per your taste and will.

A short Experience which describes the power of the Linux systems and the vast set of commands it is built-in with is as follows:

  I encrypted my disk-drive containing data in Ubuntu using Ubuntu's encryption tool. This encrypted disk contained some really important stuff  which include my project works , assignments and huge lot of eBook collection. The problem was raised  when my system crashed due to some bug present some where in my system . I did had Windows XP in some other partition . So, I thought that the data can be backed-up by booting into the Windows XP . So I was sure that no damage actually happened. But here starts the drama ,the encrypted drive in Ubuntu was not at all recognised in Windows XP . The drive was encrypted in Ubuntu format and was not at all detected in Windows. I did install Ubuntu once again, It did show my encrypted disk drive with encrypted data but I was unable to mount the drive since the password combination entry in the system file I provided for encryption in my old Ubuntu was also deleted with the crash . So, I tried many number of password combinations, but I was unable to mount the data. I almost lost the hope of recovering my data.

But then came an Idea and a silver lining in the dark clouds . I thought of popping up the shell and trying the recovery using the command line interface which is very powerful . I popped up my shell in Ubuntu and to my surprise I was able to mount the device without any password combo at the first try ,using simple command that include mount or moving into /media/disk_drive_name using cd command.  Now, I was in this encrypted drive . Now the time was to recover the data . So, I switched to the root user and using simple command of "cp" I was able to back-up my huge and important data onto the external hard drive.
After backing-up there comes the sigh of relief by me.

An important note to all the readers is that it is advisable to back-up your data because you never know when the bad times or the times of crisis come your way.

This Experience of mine was wonderful and made me believe that Linux commands are the most powerful and effective. Their usage is simple and flexible.

Thus using an Linux system with the shell and the huge set of commands it provides is simply inevitable.

I love the journey of using Linux machines . They do pose many problems but these problems are the one we should be capable of solving and this makes our Linux learning experinence a pleasureful experience.

If you do have any of the stories or your own experiences about Linux machines do feel free to share with us because Linux is about sharing and trying.

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David said...

Am I misunderstanding something or were you able to access an encrypted partition without any credentials? Doesn't that mean it was mostly unprotected and only obscured from common methods of access?