Sunday, December 19, 2010

Facebook:Top 10 Enhancements in the Future.......

Facebook is an Online Social Networking site which is famous for its simplicity in design and maturity in functionality. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard during his college days. Facebook is a $25 billion company with more than 500 million registered users till date. It is popular social networking site in the world because of its unique features which are dazzling and mind-blowing. Though,Facebook is equipped with a whole lot of applications ,I think there is still a scope for further improvement in its design and functionality. The following features mentioned will surely help Facebook improve there User experience by providing users more intuitive and enchanting environment for social networking.

The Modifications or the enhancements that Facebook should undergo for making its user experience more  pleasurable are listed as follows:
  1. Like Button : Though the Like button was intuitive concept in the early days of the Facebook Launch,but now I personally think that it is an outdated concept and the users need something more than just a Like button. The new Idea goes this way, the messages, updates, photos and Videos should be provided with a rating system from 1 to 5. Like button tells that the other user likes your status, but you don't know the magnitude of his likeness. So the new concept keeps a rating system for all your messages, updates, photos and videos . The average rating of the element is found out and displayed in real time. In this way user feels more intuitive environment for browsing through the site.
  2. Invisibility option in the chat system : Invisibility option is a must in the chat system that Facebook provides. Though it has a block option for blocking the Unwanted users from communicating with you, an Invisibility option is required which helps avoiding unwanted users from communicating with you, but you should be able to see their Online status.
  3. Video calling and Audio calling : Facebook does have a chat system which is very intuitive for sharing text messages,but I think that Video calling and Audio calling  functions should be integrated into the chat system for more efficient communication among the users.
  4. Ranking the users : Users should be provided with points based on their usage of Facebook and the rating provided to their Updates, Photo and Video uploads by their friends. Users than should be ranked with various badges based on their ranking among their friends. This way of implementation makes users more eager for using Facebook increasing the revenue of Facebook as well as the User experience of Users.The Badges could be "The most commented user","The most rated user","The most Popular user" and so on.
  5. The Real Time Updating : Real time Updating means that the the messages being updated , comments being written , videos and photos being shared should be visible to the rest of the users as and when the other user starts to write each character by character. 
  6. Modification : The update status shared by some user must be given the power for modification to the other user (must be a friend) and the message status should provide the info as to who are the users who modified the original text. It should be capable of sharing the original message and the modified messages by other users with their name. This feature makes users more attached with Facebook.
  7. Themes : The User Interface used by Facebook is simple , elegant and uncluttered .The blue and the white color combination is awesome ,but I think that providing users with themes for applying to their profile is a very good idea. In this way the profiles look better and beautiful.
  8. Security : Facebook is one of the most secured websites, but still there is scope for improvement in the sense that at present the Facebook sign-up form accepts any email-Id whether it exists or not. So,the Facebook sign-up form should be validated to check for the validity of the email-ID and the allow the user to log into the site only if the email-ID exists.
  9. Blogging : Facebook should provide space for blogging which makes browsing a very interesting experience. Each user must be given the option of blogging,in this way the user can express his feelings more easily.
  10. Statistics : The Facebook should provide the statistics of the number of users who visited your profile through graphs .It should provide the recent visitors column to your profile. An option should be provided to hide the user entry into other users profile so that the recent visitors column doesn't show the name of the person who hid his identity. 
These are some of the features I personally feel that Facebook should look into and improve/upgrade it's standards to new heights.

So, If you do have some other intuitive ideas which you feel that Facebook should upgrade to, then do feel free to leave a comment .


Anonymous said...

1) like button making rating makes it more complex.
2)item is good,other apps provide it.
3)is good
4)rating and all these just make people mad of getting points and all is waste..considering its purpose of social networking.
6)option is not good. if that what u except share a note with people,which can be modified,like the google docs.
7) good concept,but create an overhead of load time.
10) by giving the facility of how many people visited,it creates the people not to be visited by others,
But good thing is facebook provides it integration with other websites via web if people are intersted then they can build there website with corresponding futures well done.. Rajeev

Anonymous said...

The blue and White combination is awesome..There is no need to change it.See Orkut....You can choose your theme..It may look good at the beginning but it will look really awkward. Facebook's UI is really simple and easy to use.It is better not to have themes..