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Why use Linux? !!!

Before getting into the intricacies of Why to use Linux over Windows and Mac OS , let me brief you about What is Linux actually?

Linux is a word which derives its origin from the combination of Linus and UNIX

Linus Torvalds ,a computer science student from University of Helsinki developed a kernel ( Core of Operating System ) which he integrated it with the UNIX ( Earlier OS used in Bell laboratories ) system to develop an operating system known as Linux.
Linux is basically an open-source (free to use and modify) operating system .

Why use Linux ?

Linux OS has got the following advantageous features which is the sole reason for using it over Windows and Mac.

  1. FAST : Linux OS is fast . Start-up/boot-up and shutdown time is lesser than its counterparts such as Windows and Mac. Application processes run faster .
  2. STABLE : Linux OS is stable . Frequently patches are developed for various programs by open-source community for decreasing the loop-holes in the software program and increasing the stability.
  3. SECURE : Linux OS is the most secure system . System is less affected by Viruses or we can say Linux system is a Virus free system though there exist some Linux Viruses .
   Linux System is Unaffected by viruses for the following two reasons:
   a ) Viruses usually gain administrative access for damaging or modifying system programs of the OS . But in  Linux the root access is protected by highly encrypted password which makes the Virus ineffective.
   b) Due to its (Linux) less popularity among the common masses,viruses for Linux are less in number.
  1. FILESYSTEM : File-system is basically the structure of arrangement of files on your system .Linux uses an advanced file-system which is highly stable and effective. In Windows, NTFS File-system uses a mechanism where in each drives are mounted separately and separate trees are maintained for file access. But in Linux a single tree is utilised wherein all the drives are mounted as and when required which are protected by passwords. Thus Linux supports the idea of “USE ON DEMAND” which is highly efficient and stable. File-systems used in Linux include ext2,ext3,ext4(Ubuntu and Fedora),Btrfs(Open
    SUSE),ZFS(Solaris),Linux Swap etc.
  2. OPEN-SOURCE : Linus system is open-source which means the source code of the Operating system is available freely on internet .
  3. FREE : Linux system is completely free ,whereas Windows costs Rs 15,000 .
  4. MODIFY : Linux system is completely modifiable which means the source code can be altered by the users to suit there own requirements rather than using the requirements specified by the Company such as in Windows OS.
  5. COMMUNITY SUPPORT : Linux versions have a huge community support over the internet . Thus all your problems are easily solved by the large rapidly growing support community.
  1.   APPLICATIONS : New and innovative application programs are being developed for Linux system which ranges from Multimedia to Development tools . Some of the most popular application programs include Openoffice(Office suite ), Netbeans(IDE) , Blender(3D Animation Tool) ,VLC (A multimedia player ) ,GIMP (Image Manipulation Program) etc. 

    10 . GRAPHICS : Linux systems are integrated with Compiz graphics settings which provide various wobbly and watery effects on your desktop . Linux systems comes with various types of Desktop environments which includes varied graphics and theme options available. Some of the desktop environments include KDE,GNOME,XFCE etc.

With such varied features and capabilities of Linux system over Windows and Mac systems ,It is definitely worth giving it a try.
Why pay Money when you get increased capabilities at free of cost.
Make a shift from Windows to Linux and enjoy the increased capabilities of Linux system completely free.

Some of the various Linux Distros include :
Ubuntu,Fedora,OpenSUSE,Slackware,Backtrack,OpenSolaris,Utoto,FreeBSD,Debian,Parsix,Knoppix,Sabayon,Mandriva,PCBSD,CentOS,KDE etc

If your passionate about technology and want to learn it,then Linux is platform for you to build up sound knowledge about Technology.
Explore technology with Open source.

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