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GRUB (Grand Unified Boot-loader ) is the default boot-loader of almost all Linux Distros except some like Slackware which prefer LILO over GRUB. It is a Boot-loader developed by the GNU project.
GRUB is the most powerful and flexible boot-loader designed ever.

This article throws light on customising your default lousy GRUB background with a wallpaper of your choice.

The image format required for GRUB Background is .xpm.gz

To convert your wallpapers into .xpm.gz format you either need GIMP (GNU Image Manipulator) or Image Magic.

  1. Open your image in either of the Graphical tools mentioned above .
  2. The image resolution should be reduced to 640x480 by scaling option available in GIMP.
  3. Reduce the colors of the image from 256 to 14 using GIMP tools.
  4. Save the file as .xpm 
  5. Exit the Graphical tools. 
  6. To gzip the image 
           $ gzip splash.xpm 


At terminal type the following command :

$  convert splash.png -resize 640x480! -colors 14 -depth 8 splash.xpm.gz

Source file is splash.png

Move the image to /boot/grub using command :

$ mv splash.xpm.gz  /boot/grub

Make a backup of  the default splash.xpm.gz and Overwrite with your new splash Background image.

Restart your computer and here you are with your own GRUB background.

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