Thursday, September 30, 2010

UNetBootin : Carry Operating System on your Pen Drive

UNetBootin ( Universal Netboot Installer) is an Open source application which helps carry your Operating System on your Pen drive. It allows you to create bootable Live USB Drives for Ubuntu, Fedora and many other Linux Distros.This application is also available for Windows . To download and install it on your system visit

Unetbootin comes with a simple to use GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is uncluttered and clean. It allows you either download the .iso images of various Linux Distros from the net and mount it onto your Pen drive or you can choose a .iso image on your local Hard disk to mount it on to the Pen drive .

Installation in Fedora :

Installation of UNetbootin in fedora can be achieved through Yum package Manager.Switch to Super user mode using su and type in the following command at the terminal.

#yum install unetbootin

Unetbootin can also be used for loading various other system Utilities such as Parted magic , Smart boot manager ,FreeDos etc

Working :

It basically extracts the .iso image and loads the  files on to your Pen drive which can then be used for Booting an Operating System directly from your Pen drive .
After selecting the distro image and loading it onto the pen drive Reboot your system and make your system boot from your Pen drive and here you are with the Operating System .

Now you can carry your Favourite distro wherever you travel on to your Pen drive.

Unetbootin is written in C++,using Qt4 tool-kit.

Wherever you go, your Operating System Follows..........

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