Friday, September 10, 2010

Downloading Youtube Videos in Fedora /// Part 3

As we all know that Downloading Youtube videos in Windows is achieved either through Youtube Download Manager or through Internet Download Manager Plugin Integrated into your Browser or through some add-ons available for your browser.

In Fedora, the above mentioned methods do fail completely or is complicated.
 So, What is the alternative for Downloading Videos from Youtube through command line ?

Fedora has got a Powerful tool named youtube-dl which is capable of downloading any videos from Youtube from Command line.

Download and Installing :

1 ) Open the terminal  (Applications->System tools->Terminal)
2 ) Switch to super-user mode using "su".
3 ) Type in the following code at the command prompt (Must be connected to Internet )

  # yum install youtube-dl

The above command downloads and installs the tool on your system.

Usage :

Usage is very simple. youtube-dl follows the syntax :

   # youtube-dl [options] url...

Options :

-h  - > prints the help text and exits

-c  - > resumes partially downloaded files.

-w - > Do not over-write files.

-b  - > Downloads the best quality videos.

-a FILE - > File Containing URL's to download.

and many more........

Advantages :

  1. Videos can be paused and resumed at any time.
  2. High Quality Videos can be Downloaded with ease.
  3. We can set the Download rate Limit using -r LIMIT.
  4. Authentication options available for your Youtube account.
  5. Can ignore errors using -i option.
  6. Download can be simulated using -s option.
  7. Batch of URL's can be sent through file using -a FILE option.
  8. Accelerates the Download Speed.
  9. Quiet mode available.
  10. Is open source and free. Provides freedom of usage and Modification.

    Disadvantages :

    1. Lacks GUI, everything has to be done in Command line.
    2. Lacks Documentation .

    Youtube-dl is one of the most powerful tools which is better than the Youtube Download manager and many other Windows Softwares.
    This does proves the notion that open source products are indeed stable , efficient and more easier to use.

    So, take a leap Forward transformation from Windows to GNU/Linux and explore the varied capabilities that GNU/Linux provides . Enjoy the freedom of usage of softwares exclusively on GNU/Linux.

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