Monday, September 16, 2013

Links Worth Reading

  • Garbage collection in MRI Ruby is getting replaced to (Generational Garbage Collection) from the original Mark and Sweep GC. This change will help deployment of Ruby in large scale systems. This change will be seen in Ruby v2.1. Link.
  • "Don't forget to Talk" article throws light on importance of having healthy conversations at office. He goes on to explain the creative process which is involved in a healthy conversation. So "Don't forget to Talk". Link.
  • Udemy is providing Free online courses in "BDD and TDD in Ruby". Do subscribe to this and have fun. Only 1000 first users allowed. Link
  • Here is an interesting article which says "Why not to date  a girl who reads". The author goes on to explain the various reasons for the same. Link.
  • And Finally some awesome "Ruby Tips". Link.

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