Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google+ Collection

Google+ Expanding and going viral . India is 2nd in number of Google+ users.

Google+ reaching 20 million users, Exponential curve .

Evolution in Social Networking . Google+ has evolved !!

Users of Google+ across the globe . It is really viral.

Scenario in the current Google Boom . Hope it is not true .

Pace of Google+ reaching 10 million users . Its Brilliant 

Google Chrome extension to collapse the posts in the stream 

Google chrome extension for -1 . Now -1 things you hate .

Ya, that is the bug I discovered during course of my journey on Google+ exploration.
I shows my profile pic for many people in my circles. "People in your Circles tab" .

Google+ seems promising . In its Beta stage , it has  already has reached 20 million users showing its potential of leaving a mark in Social networking.

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