Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Facebook Video Calling

Finally the much awaited Facebook product announcement completed on 6th July 10AM PST in Palo Alto , California .
Facebook did roll out 3 features to the social platform , They being :

Group Chat ( Adhoc ):

Facebook did had group chat earlier , but the cool thing about this product release is the adhoc group chat  which is integrated into the platform. The adhoc group chat is that you can easily add your friends to the chat list in the chat menu on the fly. It means now to chat with a group of people you don't  need  to create a group , add your friends and then chat.Now ,it is possible just by adding a group of people just by selecting them in the chat menu .

New Chat Design :

Facebook has improvised the look of the earlier chat menu and has come with a completely new chat interface which shows both your friends online and the one who are offline . Facebook rolled out this feature to send message quickly to people who you message the most and are not online (Offline)The New interface looks cool , revamped and as usual simply elegant .

Video Calling ( 1 to 1 ) :

This was the most awaited feature on the Facebook Platform.Facebook announced the release of the Video chat with strategical partnership with Skype( the Video Calling Giant) .This video calling feature is 1 to 1 ( and not group chat hangouts as in Google+) . It is simple, integrated into the profiles of the user . One of the advantages being it is really simple to video call your friends and family with just a click of a button. The disadvantage being it is not yet supported formobile devices . 

A Look at Facebook Video chat

These are the product announcements by Facebook, Hope to see more greater products from Facebook.

Facebook did roll out these features as a reply for Google's Google+ Social networking project . It is always good to see healthy competition between the internet giants ( Google and Facebook) . It is this healthy competition which paves the path for progressive development and the release of such great technologies .

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