Friday, June 10, 2011

Google Guitar Doodle

Lester William Pollsfus was an American jazz and country guitarist , songwriter and inventor . He was Born on June 9th 1915 . The search Engine giant Google celebrated the 95th Birthday of the legendary guitarist Les Paul . The Google Doodle on 9th of June looked as shown above which is a design of Guitar . The Guitar can be played and the tune can even be recorded . The Doodle used HTML 5 and Javascript primarily for Development  .

The Google Doodle source code  for the Guitar Doodle can be downloaded from here  Click Me

The Google Doodle can be embedded into website pages using the iframe tag .

Comment below for any further assistance .


Anonymous said...

hello ! how can i add a similar post to my blog?

rBharshetty said...

You can add the google guitar doodle using the "iframe" tag in HTML.
Just insert the following HTML tag into your HTML Page as shown click on the link

or Upload the source code of the google doodle onto your site and provide the source address of the path in the "iframe" tag.

Any further queries feel free to comment

Anonymous said...

thanks so much !