Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Now you can connect to Internet through your Mobile Bluetooth on Linux ( Fedora / Ubuntu ) in a much easier way than the one I mentioned  in the previous article .

The Previous article dealt with some command stuff for connecting to internet through your Bluetooth Mobile, for those who are new to Linux might feel a bit of headache to deal with all those steps mentioned.

For all those friends of mine I got a easier ,faster and a graphical way of Connecting to Internet through your Mobile Bluetooth.

Steps to be folowed are :

1 ) Switch ON the Bluetooth of your Mobile and also the Laptop/Desktop.

2 ) If the Desktop of Linux Distro is A GNOME one ( as in FEDORA/UBUNTU ), you will find the Bluetooth Icon on the right top of your Desktop.

3 ) Left click on the Icon , select the option "Set up a new device" from the dropdown menu. Pair your Mobile with your System ( Same as you Normally do in Windows versions) with Internet option activated, your ISP etc.

4 ) After Pairing , an icon showing the network pops beside the Bluetooth Icon.
     Left click on it, From the Dropdown menu select the name of your Bluetooth     device and Click on the Option below it (If ISP is Airtel it will look as Airtel Default).

5 ) If everything works fine, you will be connected to internet. To disconnect ,select the same option again.

Wasn't it Easy.

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