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Hidden Reflex , an Indian start-up company in Bangalore has come out with a Browser named EPIC. This is the first Indian Browser developed completely by Indian Engineering Brains in Bangalore which was released on July 16 2010.
Based on the source Mozilla platform , this new browser claims to be faster ,safer and easier to browse . But How much of it is true still remains a Myth.
Let’s break the Myth and explore the features of this Indian Browser.
Can be downloaded from

My First look at the browser was Positive and I did Like the Interface Design , the arrangement of icons , Uncluttered  Toolbar , Scrollable Sidebar and the whole Look and feel of it. As of the Interface I do give it a 10 on 10 for its Presentation and Good Looks. Comes with lot of skins which are designed elegantly. Spice up your browser with skins provided according to your mood and liking for a better browsing experience. The Skins do support the Indian in you for sure.

Installation is also rather quite user friendly and easier. You have to download the 10 MB setup file from the Official Website Provided above. Run the file, you will be welcomed by the Windows Installer, Just accept the agreement and Decide the place of Installation on your Local Disk, Click Install. Your Installation completes in few seconds and you are ready to use. It does ask you whether to Import Bookmarks from other browsers you are using, Choose the browser and Import the Bookmarks into Your Epic Browser. As of the Installation Part It is quite easy and efficient . Thus Installation is 10 on 10.

This Browser  is indeed loaded with lots of features which you hardly find in any other Browsers.
Epic claims to be the first browser with in-built antivirus program. It’s the first antivirus browser in the world. Some of the other features of the browser being
1 ) Includes a suite of Productivity applications.

2 ) Includes a free Word processor (Picture-in-Picture Functionality).

3 ) Includes in-built Antivirus Solution which Provides a warning when loaded with Viruses or Worms.

4 ) Includes a lot of Communication apps such as Facebook , Gmail, Twitter , Orkut , Gtalk etc.

5 ) Include My Computer File Browser .

6 ) Over 1500 free, user-installable apps in Epic Apps store.

7 ) Supports Indian Regional Languages .

8 ) supports Indian Content, access to latest news ,videos, Music albums, Popular Publications in India and all over the world.

9 ) Contains write for writing and storing Documents and Snippets for Snipping Images from the Web Browser.

10 ) Can Be tweaked to Faster Browsing using about:config utility.

11 ) Has Backup facility for backing up your files on the net.

12 ) Provides Games for refreshment during Browsing.

13 ) Comes with a Download Manager capable of pausing and resuming Downloads.

14 ) Provides Maps Online.

15 ) And The major feature is that it is open source. It’s source code is completely free for modification and usage. Software is Free.

As of Functionality, this is indeed faster but not as expected .Still there remains a lot of bugs to be fixed. In it’s 1.1 version it still has a long way to go.
Disadvantage of stuffing a lots of features in the Browser means slowing down your Browser Speed . But,this factor of slowness is lot lesser than other browsers . You indeed get a Faster browsing experience.
One more Disadvantage  is that it is  Bulky and uses a lot of system resource which might slow down your computer.

This Browser named epic is here to remain. With its Indian tinge in its design, this browser is faster , secure, and easier to use.
Is sure to compete with some of the top browsers of the world .
I personally Used 6 browsers such as Netlog, IE 9.0, Chrome ,Firefox ,Safari, Opera .Comparing with these top browsers of the world I can really say that this browser is Indeed Great.
Saluting those Indian Brains Behind this Marvel.
PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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