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Operating system as we all know is the soul of a particular computer system.These act as a interface between the user and the hardware. Provides platform to run all the application programs and manages resources of the system.

Windows 7 is one such operating system developed by Microsoft corporation released on 22nd of October 2009. This is the 7th generation of Operating systems developed by Microsoft .


Microsoft released Windows 1.0 way back in 1985 which was
the first operating system developed by Microsoft based completely on DOS. From then various
versions were released such as
Windows 2.0, 3.0 ,Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP SP1,SP2,SP3 , then Windows Vista and finally Windows 7 in 2009. Earlier versions of windows were based on DOS hence were Under the cover and were not recognised widely.
Windows 98 brought in very good Graphical user interface and stability which caught the eye of many which was then widely accepted by all.
Windows 2000 came up with some modifications from Windows 98 and introduced MS OFFICE 2000.This operating system is still used in some of the banking and finance sectors.
Then came the Windows Xp series which revolutionized the world of operating systems and the software market. This provided easy to use GUI and stability which was simply brilliant thus establishing Microsoft's Windows XP in each and every home of the world. Microsoft thus gained a lot of market share and established it's firm footing in the operating system industry which is indeed firm and strong as ever.
Then came the much hyped Windows Vista which had a lot of expectations both by the users and the company, but the OS could not keep up to the expectations and was not accepted by the users due to its many unnecessary features.
By the feedbacks from the users Microsoft came up with its new OS "Windows 7" which is believed to have corrected all the anomalies seen in Windows Vista.


This version of OS was released on 22nd October 2009 by Microsoft Corporation.
This is believed to have corrected the anomalies seen in Windows Vista.
It basically comes in three versions


Windows 7 has carried out the same Installation environment from Windows Vista but the Installation time when calculated is much more less than in Windows Vista. Installation can be carried out by booting the DVD or directly installing from your operating system you are currently in. When you start the Installation by either of the methods mentioned above you will be welcomed by a blue background with INSTALL NOW option. Click on it .Then you have to accept the terms and conditions then click next. you are directed to the partition table where you have the option of partioning your current hard disks. A minimum of 20GB is recommended for installation.After partioning and selecting the hard drive click next and you can see the installation procedure getting started. It initially copies files and the it expands it and copies all thge files. The installation may move on to 25 min in 3GB RAM systems. The system may reboot many times during installation. Once the installation comp
letes the system reboots and you can see the windows logo animated welcoming you .After all the initial settings you enter the OS. This marks the completion of your installation.


The desktop in windows 7 is neat , tidy, and cool to look. Windows 7 has carried the same AERO theme from Windows vista .In addition in comes with many themes in-built. The desktop icons are not cluttered and are located at appropriate positions. Even in the taskbar the icons are well positioned . The default wallpaper is the windows logo , in addition it comes with many high quality wallpapers. The desktop can be arranged with many gadgets coming in-built ,still more can be downloaded from the internet. The START menu is well polished and well positioned.
In terms of appearance it is excellent .
RATING: 10/10.


In terms of performance it is excellent in some areas and fails in some other.
It boots up in 20 seconds and shuts down in 10 seconds which is pretty good.
It occupies 16 GB of hard disk space which is simply not ideal. Due to it's huge built-in drivers ,this OS responds to every hardware you plug-in and installs the drivers by itself.
But the sytem tends to be slow due the huge memory space occupied by it. I also reported some hardware compatibility issues very frequently. The OS supports very few games and if at all the game starts it is in the small screen. Many softwres are not supported by this OS.
The good thing is that it comes with built-in audio and video drivers. It comes with a pretty good disk management system. Locking og drives is possible in ULTIMATE VERSION.

RATING: 7/10


1: Comes with many built-in drivers ,thus supporting any hardware you plug-in.
2: Comes with in-built audio and video drivers thus there is no need to install it once more.
3: Has a very good look and feel .
4: Provides solid nvironment for running your application programs.
5: Boot and shutdown time is less.
6: Appearance is awesome with icons well positioned on desktop.
7: Comes with Internet explorer 8 and Windows media player 11 which supports many video and audio formats.
8: User account control has been modified and is made more reliable and provides 4 way firewall system.
9: Comes with many desktop gadgets.
10: Comes with an option called compatibility mode wherein the softwares supported by older versions can be run in this OS.


1: Game graphics support is minimal.
2: System response is slow.
3: Many drivers are built-in unnecessarily.
4: Has many hardware issues.
5: Consumes more disk space.



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