Monday, October 5, 2009


Got bored with the same lousy default icons provided by the Windows..

Here is the step by step procedure as to how you can change the icons of your folders.

1: Click on START , go to Programs , further move to accessories , select paint tool provided by windows.

2: Open the paint document, on the task bar you can find an option called "image" click to attributes.

3:Set the width and height to 32 and units in pixels and choose the colour of your choice, click OK.

4:Now you will be provided with 32*32 paint document, do all sorts of designs, provide colours as you want your icon to be.

5:After completing icon designing and colouring move to File save the file with .ico extension wherever you wish to.(.ico extension assures the file as a icon file)

6:Now right click on the folder whose icon you wish to change, click on the properties, move to customize option .Click on change icon button and then browse and include your icon document .Click OK and then apply it.

Whoosh! now you are welcomed with your own design of icon.

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